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Our club offers 5 water sports provided by a team of 4 sports coaches. Scalable and accessible to all, our classes will meet your expectations whether you want to keep in shape, sculpt your figure or complete another sporting activity...

Listed in order of intensity, from mildest to most intense:

Gentle aquagym

      Soft water aerobics is animated more calmly than dynamic aqua aerobics. The coach will guide you to exercises allowing you to work your body in depth and consciously, sans risk impact or solicitation  intense on your joints.

Water aerobics

      Gym session in the water, led by our coach to lively music. You may be required to use equipment such as swimming pool noodles, boards, boxing, dumbbells etc...


      Session on a water bike, you alternate and combine different pedaling speeds and positions on the bike. Pedaling seated, standing, at the back or at the front of the bike, holding on to the saddle or the handlebars... Thanks to a variety of exercises, the aquabike will allow you to work all the muscles of the body without limiting yourself. only to the legs or buttocks.


      Complete sport par excellence, aquatraining allows you to alternate different activities during the same session. On the program: aquabike, treadmill, trampoline, elliptical bike... The session takes place like a circuit on which you go from one device to another guided by our coach.

Aquatraining Abs-Glutes


         C'est un aquatraining ( series of workshops) centered on the muscle groups of the abdominal belt and the buttocks. In classic aquatraining sessions, your coaches offer exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible, this is called a "full body" session. For the abs-gluteal training, the sessions will be linked on a full body principle, but with a larger training volume and more targeted on the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Thus, this niche will make it possible to tone and strengthen more specifically the abs-glutes without neglecting the rest of the body.

Ultra water training

    The UWT is a discipline where participants evolve on a course composed of varied workshops. The exercises are more intensive than in Aquatraining. The UWT requires a minimum of athletic constitution and a strong physical commitment. The goal is to develop endurance, strength and agility. UWT is the aquatic version of cross training or bodypump. This sport is very effective for weight loss or muscle mass gain.

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