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learning to swim

We offer swimming for children from 4 to 11 years old.

Sessions are conducted in small groups of6 to 8 children maximumper session.

The children are divided into groups of levels in order to offer a tailor-made and adapted learning cycle.

Games and routes fun are at the heart of our pedagogy.

The 45-minute lessons take place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and are given byApolline et alexander, qualified lifeguards and parents of children aged 1 to 13.

At the end of the year, tests allow
t the issuing of official diplomas from the National Federation of Swimming and Sporting Professions (FNMNS). Each child obtains a diploma for a distance covered and a diploma for an obstacle course attesting to their ease in the water (attestation of success and Delfi test). 

Price: €432 per year (or payment in 3x144 €).

Registration for the year for one session per week.

No lessons during zone B school holidays.

A trial session is offered free

Next registration session from August 22, 2022. The rentry will be le Wednesday, September 21.

Equipment needed: bathing suit, towel, swimming cap and goggles. 

Course times for the 2022/2023 season:

💧Level 1 : beginner, cannot swim at registration. Generally 4 to 6 years*. 6 children per lesson maximum.

Wednesday 9am-9.45am / Wednesday 9.50am-10.35am / Wednesday 10.40am-11.25am / Saturday 9.50am-10.35am

💧💧Level 2 :  beginner float at registration. "Swim the little dog". Able to get to safety (swim at least 5 to 10m without buoyancy aid). Usually 6-7 years*. 8 children per lesson maximum.

Wednesday 11.30am-12.15pm / Saturday 10.45am-11.25am

💧💧💧Level 3 : Can swim on registration. Hybrid swimming: beginning of codified swimming (breaststroke, crawl...). Usually 8-11 years old*. 8 children per lesson maximum.

Saturday 11.30am-12.15pm

*age  is for reference only, we can awelcome a child of 10 years old in level 1 or 6 years old in level 3.

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